What is Kapa® fix?

Kapa Kapa® fix is a proprietary product of Kapa company, it is a re-inforced foam board which makes it very light but also resistant to bending or twisting. A rough definition of Kapafix would be that Kapafix is a very, VERY light board, usually, 5mm (0.2in) or 10mm (0.4in) thick. It's sufrace is perfect for the application of photography or other images.

For instance, a plate which is 13cm (5.12in) long, 13cm (5.12in) high and 10mm (0.4in) thick weights only 11.5g  (0.035ou)

Kapa® fix board consists of a with a light grey polyurethane foam core and aluminium reinforced carton-sheet covering white layer.  It’s white surface is perfect for the lamination of digital prints and photos.